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Project IGI 2 Free Download for windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP

Project IGI 2 Covert Strike is a tactical shooter PC Game developed by Innerloop Game Studios. It's Free to Download Full Version 64-bit / 32-bit

Project IGI 2 (Covert strike) was developed by Innerloop studios and Published in Codemasters. It is an incredible FPS (first-person view) best shooting game based on amazing stealth game mode. Play this fantastic shooting game with a fabulous gaming experience you ought to love. You can either play it in single-player mode or multiplayer mode, depending on your preferences. This project IGI 2 (covert strike) Game is split into 19 missions and the player can take multiple paths to complete each one. It is that you can download it on your own PC. Project IGI 2 Game Free Download for PC Full setup window 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP 64-bit / 32-bit or any window operating system for free. 

Project IGI 2 GamePlay

In the Game Project IGI 2, You will be playing as (David Jones), Become an agent. Your mission will be to stop world war 3 from taking place. Project IGI 2 (Game) can be pretty tricky, and this is what makes it more fantastic and interesting. You will also get to follow the Project IGI 2 (Game) story through cut scenes with animated characters rendered in real-time and pre-recorded speech while playing. The storyline of the game and plot of the project IGI 2 PC or Laptop Game are developed very much and it contains much more excitement and suspense.

Features of Project IGI 2

As impressive as the Project IGI 2 new game sounds, it is the result of its IGI Game features, which are:

Incredible Controls: While playing this Project IGI 2 (Game), you will notice its responsive controls, a must for Amazing shooting games. Also, it is also easy to control the Game, which even a beginner can play without any hassle.

FPS: What’s more, is that this Project IGI 2 (Game) comes with FPS or First-person amazing shooting view. You will get a realistic gaming experience of an Amazing shooting game of the IGI series.

Multiplayer: You are not alone in the amazing shooting journey of this Game. You can now play Project IGI 2 in multiplayer (Game mode) with people around the world wide or your friends – it depends on you.

Outstanding gameplay: The gameplay of Project IGI 2 (Covert Strike) is marvelous, where you will be getting to know the IGI 2 game story through cutscenes while doing missions.

Project IGI 2 PC Controls - Keyboard & Gamepad

Project IGI 2 (Covert Strike) allows a change of control configuration from the game menu options. Keyboard and mouse default keys can be changed in the “Configuration > Controls > Customize” option or you can use Default Keys to play easy Project IGI 2.

Project IGI 2 (Covert Strike) Default keys are Below


HTML Table Generator
Up / W   Move forwards
 DOWN / S  Move backward
 LEFT / A Move leftwards 
 RIGHT / D Move rightwards 
 X  Turn Left 
C  Turn Right
Shift   Sprint
Numpad 0 / space  Jump 
 Right Ctrl / Left Shift crouch 
 Insert / Q Raise Stance 
 Z / Delete Lower Stance 
 3 Lie flat / Toggle Stand 
 End / Caps Lock  Run / Toggle Walk 
 3  Run / Modify Walk

Action and Equipment:- 

HTML Table Generator
Action & Equipment
 Right Shift / E Action 
 Numpad / Peek 
 Home / B Binoculars 
Mouse Wheel up / H Zoom in 
 Mouse Wheel Down / N  zoom out
 Page Up / T Thermal goggles 
 Numpad Enter / M  View map
 L View Log 
 O  View Objection
 I  Contact IGI HQ
 F7  Quick Load


HTML Table Generator
 Left Ctrl / Left Mouse Botton Fire 
 Right Mouse Botton  alternate Fire
 F / ] Next weapon 
 V / * Previous Weapon 
R / Return  Reload 
 Page Down / G Drop weapon 
 1 / Numpad 1 Primary Weapon 
 2 / Numpad 2 Sidearm 
 3 / Numpad 3 Kinfe 
4 / Numpad 4   Grenades
 5 / Numpad 5 C4 Bomb 
 6 / Numpad 6 Select Proximity Mine 
7 / Numpad 7   Select Laser Designator
 8 / Numpad 8 Select Medical Syringe 
 0 / Numpad inventory 


HTML Table Generator
Numpad + / J Shop
 Numpad * / Y Radio 
 Numpad - / U  Squad Radio
/ Team Say 
 K Change Teams 
Backspace / Tab  Scores
'  Console
 F1 / F11 Buy Primary Ammo 
 F2 / F12 Buy Sidearm Ammo 

Project IGI 2 Downloading Link 

Project IGI 2 compressed Download

Project IGI 2 Details below

HTML Table Generator
File Name Project IGI 2 
File Size 176 MB
Author Innerloop Studios
Category Action

Project IGI 2 Minimum system requirements

HTML Table Generator
Minimum System requirements
CPU Athlon 700 MHZ PRocessor / Intel Pentium III 
RAM 512 MB
 Graphics 32 MB
 Free Disk Space  2 or 3 GB
Operating System   Window 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP 

how to install Project IGI 2 on your Pc or Laptop

Follow the steps as follow to install all projects files 
  • First Step, Click on the Download Button and Save the file on your Laptop or PC
  • After the first step, open the folder where you saved the file
  • Next step, Then open the ZIP File and Click on the Extract button 
  • After Extract click on setup File and allow all programs to make changes to your device
  • Next step, Then you will see the installation box
  • then Follow all instructions to install Project IGI 2
  • After, open the Game from the start menu or Desktop

Frequently Askey Question (FAQ)

Project IGI 2 Covert Strike

  • Is Project IGI 2 (covert Strike) a Good Game?

Yes, IGI 2 is a Good Shooting Game for Low-End PC 

  • How  Many Missions are there in Project IGI 2 Game?

A total of 19 Missions are available.

  • how can I Download Project IGI 2 for Free on Pc?

Click on Downloading Button below

  • What is the file size of Project IGI 2?

178 MB File Size

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